Meria With Susan Lindauer – Disappeared Under the Patriot Act

Victim of the Patriot Act

12/27/11 Meria interviews Susan Lindauer, US intelligence asset on her imprisonment for doing her job under the Patriot Act to keep her truths secret. Her book “Extreme Prejudice, The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act, And the Cover Up of 9/11 and Iraq” is one of the tops of the year! the Military Detention Bill that just passed; sedition or free speech? the conspiracy of 9/11 and why they wanted war in Iraq although they were willing to give us everything we wanted; Iraq was willing to give the CIA whatever they wanted; 9/11 pre-warning; Iraq welcomed the FBI; planes were simply distraction on 9/11; They knew in April 2001; false secret accusations against her to keep her quiet; Blaming Iran today for 9/11? Iran wasn’t even mentioned in the 9/11 commission report; another false flag coming? Patriot Act – a procedural law; secret charges, secret evidence, secret grand jury? Her “cousin” Andy Card did nothing with pre-warnings or to aide her; Lockerbie another false flag; the CIA heroin trade; We went from 300 hard ass terrorists to over 5,000; the war was a publicity stunt; Amy not-so-goodman; Will they use the new law against OWS? Susan is an American hero and obviously was a big threat to the powers that be.





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5 Responses to "Meria With Susan Lindauer – Disappeared Under the Patriot Act"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Oh, Holy Night!!! What an interview. I knew there was a woman this happened to because I heard about the Judge Mukasey decision, but didn’t know (or remember) her name. I will definitely be reading this book and carrying it around with me in my car (in a brown paper bag cover, of course). It is unfortunate that this brave judge is now retired from the bench. He had some brass Chiclets for sure! I wonder how many CNN or other TV interviews she will be invited to attend. I will be watching for her. The only people I know who MIGHT put her on would be Rachel Maddow or Jon Stewart…IF their “handlers” would permit.

  2. meria says:

    yes, what she went through could happen to any of us. Brave gal for sure.

  3. maureen o'brien says:

    That was a crazy great interview! That girl’s got some guts, Guts, and I hope she fares well in the times ahead. ‘Uh oh – it’s going to one of those shows’ lol. I’m glad she mentioned the ‘distraction’ of the planes on 9/11 and concurred with Dr. Judy Wood’s work, as she would KNOW. The Orwellian State is here,and I’m flabbergasted that they let her out, knowing how smart she is and YES, SHE WAS GOING TO TELL! She took the oath/disclaimer ‘I have no plans to commit suicide’ et al, so I hope she fares better than Deb Palfrey. I’d love for you to have her back for a follow-up – I’ll have to get her book, before it’s banned.

  4. meria says:

    It’s an amazing book for sure. I spoke with her after the show and mentioned Palfrey to her. She’s a hero and has lost everything.
    Like I say “truth telling isn’t a great paying job” in so many ways..

  5. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    Wonderful interview with two wonderful women…Thank you Meria for having Susan on your show, and thank you Susan for having the bravery and courage to tell your story….Your book, “Extreme Prejudice” is amazing, and I believe that the day will come (sooner or later) when Americans know what a TRUE American Hero you are! In the meantime, be assured that some of us already know that…

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