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Egypt or America - Women are Trashed

12/22/11 Meria with the News: violence in Iraq; Ron Paul walks out of CNN interview; Sensenbrenner insults Michele Obama; breast implants and cancer in UK; oil workers massacred; Egypt kills and abuses protesters, women revolt; House “christians” reject tax break and unemployment; Cyclones for Australia? Wicked weather this holiday season; Shell’s leak in Nigeria; Fukishima reactor tilting, 30-40 yrs to decommission; over 1,000 dead in Philippines; BOA fined $335 million; Euro bailout; Scots want their own money; killed by other soldiers, 19 yr old dead; alcoholic kids in Scotland; WW2 mine explodes in Germany; EU vs.US airlines; suicides in the armed forces; 14,000 Americans dead because of Fukishima; tax hike for us, money for bust of Churchill; “protesters should be put in Hitler’s ovens” – Egyptian Military Advisor; Clinton & No. Korea; Robert Redford speaks out; Bradley Manning – evidence doesn’t match; chimps get a break; drug tests for food stamps; Stonehenge; Mexico tourism to promote apocalypse for dollars; Kucinich of war without end; another spill in the Gulf; half a billion trees in Texas dead; Russia’s 100 ton missile; and more “stuff”.



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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    There is a lot of news out there – and it isn’t always about what the Kardashians are doing. Glad you are around to give us the “other” news that might actually inform and educate us!!

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