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Russians Join the Protests!

12/26/11 Meria with the news. Earthquake reports; austistic boy put in a duffel bag at school; French breast implants all over the world – industrial silicone!; Acetaminophen & asthma; GM’s CHINA made Cadillacs and recalls; what harm did Bradley Manning really do? 2 month extension on payroll taxes; EU stops drugs for US executions; new bioweaponized flu details to be released? could kill us all; Setting up Iran; cops and locksmiths; 10 yr old punished for gun shaped pizza; tea party politician calls for Obama & family assassinations (no arrest) 8 occupy protesters arrested; tritium in water in Tenn; Christchurch earthquakes; CEO pay up big time; GOP candidates wants personhood declared to embryos; USDA green lights Monsanto; coal pollution in US & China killing people with asthma & heart attacks; Chinese protests; Russians protest stolen votes and Putin; Bachmann vs. protesters; Anonymous hits Stratfor; mentally ill flood ER rooms; Bolivia kicks McDonalds out; Voter leaving GOP/Dem parties in DROVES; nuclear winter looms; Egyptians protest; Arpaio loses in court; Corporates rally lobbyists to fight taxes; Iran’s war games; protesters attacked by troops in Yemen (will happen here); 1249 dead in Philippines typhoon, comments on my latest essay and more “stuff”




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    It’s a wonder I don’t get Shaken Baby Syndrome when I listen to your news shows. I shake my head in disbelief the whole time. I remember a TV program from years ago called “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” You should call your news shows, “Meria’s Believe It or Not.” In fact, if you did a 10-minute read of the news on Saturday Night Live, people would think it was part of a comedy act….and yet everything you report is absolutely true. What a world, my friends; what a world!

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