Conversations with David – Meria With David Icke

Meria and David

1/31/12 Conversations With David returns with Meria & David Icke. David’s world tour – extending events to handle the crowds; David’s new book “Remember Who You Are” (pre-order at www.davidicke.com) ; the dark side amps up; instant karma; the transformation is happening worldwide; “by their actions (not words) you will know them”; the Occupy movement – what’s next? Genetic manipulation; is it all a computer program? 12 archetypes; Saturn symbolism everywhere; the solar system is possessed – by Saturn; Saturnalia and Christmas; fake reality/matrix – living in a perception prison trapped by five senses; violence or non-violence? Feeding the reptilians; become fear – less; The Saturn-Moon matrix; changing our frequencies; self defense and common sense; bases on the Moon, what about “in” the Moon? Republican “race” – prostitutes of the cabal, dems no different; Ron Paul the exception and much more.







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8 Responses to "Conversations with David – Meria With David Icke"

  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Hi Meria, great show. Thanks for asking my question. I feel a bit embarrassed that I asked it. I’ve known for years that my hatred of the Illuminati feeds the Matrix, still sometimes I fall into it. I guess I just needed to hear it one more time at least. After I was attacked by the grays twenty-five or so years ago, my friend Chris told me the best way to repel them is to send them lots of love because they can’t handle it. I pre-ordered David’s new book the first day it came available. I’ve known for years that the planets are alive. Curiously enough, the founder of the Hairy Charisma movement said that Saturn is a nasty place. I guess even though a cult leader he told at least some truth. All the best, Eddie.

  2. Meria says:

    It’s a great question and I was happy to ask it. Thought David did a great job with it. hugs – Meria

  3. maureen o'brien says:

    You know, everyone that is just coming into this information – that we are a planet possessed by really nasty off-world entities, or whatever – usually react with ‘This is too much. I have to worry about feeding my kids etc.’. And the ‘What can I do?’ crowd blah, blah, blah. Well David’s new book seems to be taking it to the next level like the way you end the craziest of your news shows – ‘We’re spiritual beings and CAN get through this’. The Reptilians/Cold Blooded ones are exposed, it’s a far-reaching Octopus, and the Rabbit Hole is infinite. Now what? It’s time to use our powerful spirituality to flip a bitch on these freaks.There are SOOOO many that have NO CLUE. It would seem that by now your membership should be through the roof – I tell people about your show but they are freaked out with fear, but hey, they got cable (Cabal). Great question Eddie. Peace, Mo

  4. Meria says:

    We are and will remember WHO and WHAT we ARE and the POWER we have. We are in the process (worldwide) of taking back our power, something Sun Bear taught all the time. I suggest his early book “The Path of Power” to everyone. Some will awaken, some won’t, it’s their choice. My membership is not through the roof, but I realize I am here for an elite group of people/souls and doing what I came here to do. Those who support corporate media, fake “alternative” have made their soul’s decision, and I have to respect that. That doesn’t mean I don’t continue seeking those who are open and need the education I provide. This year will bring a lot of people to their knees, but my listeners will be fortified with a suit of spiritual and intellectual armor. Thanks Mo, I appreciate you and every one of my supporters.

  5. Deborah Alexander says:

    I think David really does walk his talk. That is certainly one reason to admire him. I very much appreciate that he remains a shining example of non-violence and gives a rationale behind that, as in don’t feed the beast with your own anger and hatred. Such a simple philosophy and I think of his words every time I get that inner build-up that makes me want to take off someone’s head. Breathe – Breathe!!

  6. Landon Forche says:

    Meria, yours and Davids work is amazing and inspirational, thanks so much for these shows. I want to do all I can for the betterment of our lives here and beyond and I am so happy to share the journey with people like you guys.

  7. Meria says:

    thank you. David & I really enjoy our talks.

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