Meria With Lawrence Korb on Cutting the Military Budget

1/17/12 Meria Interviews Lawrence Korb, Senior Fellow for Center for American Progress. Lawrence is ex-military, was Assistant Secy of Defense 1981-85, and Director of National Security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Money doesn’t buy security”; 22 departments in Homeland Security; Iranians help after 9/11; the misery index; over-reaction to 9/11; the cost of eliminating Gaddafi & Hussein; Joe Stalin our ally in WW2; costs of defense highest in history; what creates the most jobs? closing bases; raising taxes to pay for wars; the draft; indirect costs of 2 wars $6-7 trillion; ICC and peace treaties; Bush’s wars; Obama’s increased defense spending, cuts only on projected costs; reduce the army & marines; we don’t need 5,000 nuclear weapons; reduce aircraft carriers; bring home troops in Europe; Tricare costs; Eisenhower & Joe Wilson; national security; spend on development – foreign aid and the Coast Guard. Nixon- a liberal? the current candidates; we don’t compete as we used to and more.





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