Meria With Richard Heinberg – the End of Growth and What It Means

party's over

1/24/12 Meria interviews Richard Heinberg, author “The End of Growth, Adapting to Our New Economic Reality”. The party’s over, what can we do to prepare for the inevitable? natural limits DO apply; economic growth stalled since 2008; toxic assets worldwide; running out of “stuff”; cheap oil over; debt time bomb; fighting for the US dollar; “baskets of currency”; petro-dollar wars; depletion of resources and population growth; the gold standard, why we’re off it and can’t go back; money as debt; have to reinvent money; legal immigration has quadrupled; globalization can leave us high and dry; What to do – inflation or deflation coming? buy items towards becoming self-sufficient; learn a skill or trade; get out of debt; leave the big banks, they will fail; learn economic self defense; cost of transportation of goods will kill globalization, then what ? rebuild local communities, agriculture, financial institutions etc; 10% own 85% of worlds wealth; economic inequality and what it will bring; sustainability and social unrest; plutocracy now – rule by the wealthy; and lots more. Meria highly recommends EVERYONE read this book. Stay out of fear and prepare.




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2 Responses to "Meria With Richard Heinberg – the End of Growth and What It Means"

  1. Kurt Lovvorn says:

    Who knows what is in our future but i do know how to cook, garden and fix things. Great show again many thanks Meria

  2. Meria says:

    Good for you Kurt! Unless we have a massive SPIRITUAL awakening I agree with what Richard has in his book. It will force us back to a simpler/harder life. Heck, I may
    ask you to come live with me! lol Big hugs!

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