Meria With Bill Douglas – A Conspiracy of Spirits, Wall Street vs. the 99%

Bill Douglas - Author

2/7/12 Meria with Bill Douglas, Tai Chi expert, Author on his latest book “A Conspiracy of Spirits, Wall Street vs. the 99%”. Corporate monopoly; a novel that incorporates the reality of what happens to whistleblowers, climate change, mercenaries and spirituality of the one mind. Meria highly recommends this book. the hive mentality – Occupy movement – who needs a leader when we can all lead? Adam Smith on conspiracy; unlikely heroes just like you and me; the age of Aquarius; crisis as danger or opportunity; be the butterfly; Tai Chi as a model for life. Do we all connect to each other on another realm? Is precognition part of our DNA? What is the power of the hive mind? The online community vs. lobbyists and so much more.








"Bill Douglas is one of the most remarkable writers of our generation ... on a par with Charles Dickens. "
- David W. Menefee Review:
Pulitzer nominated American author

A crime, perhaps the greatest in the history of humanity, is unraveling the fabric of the web of life. In Southern California, a corporate ladder-climber awakens in the middle of the night to find himself standing naked in his backyard, thunderstruck by the images flooding his mind. Compelled to write to make sense of what has just happened, he is guided toward issues in the Arctic. The feelings exploding through his heart and mind threaten to tear him apart--his only relief is in writing them down. Fifteen hundred miles away the nine-year-old daughter of illegal Mexican immigrants is plagued by a series of cataclysmic visions about Arctic polar bears. In Russell, Kansas, an aged Chinese woman is stunned by a violent vision of a young girl and a man connected in the vast web of life. The web has been disturbed by a crime of such proportions that its perpetrators have the blood of nations on their hands. She can only watch as the crime's rippling upheaval tears at life's fabric, leaving the two strangers' lives shattered in its wake. Their survival is entwined with the fate of us all. Will they make it? Will we? So begins . . . a conspiracy of spirits.
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