Meria With Bill Douglas – A Conspiracy of Spirits, Wall Street vs. the 99%

Bill Douglas - Author

2/7/12 Meria with Bill Douglas, Tai Chi expert, Author on his latest book “A Conspiracy of Spirits, Wall Street vs. the 99%”. Corporate monopoly; a novel that incorporates the reality of what happens to whistleblowers, climate change, mercenaries and spirituality of the one mind. Meria highly recommends this book. the hive mentality – Occupy movement – who needs a leader when we can all lead? Adam Smith on conspiracy; unlikely heroes just like you and me; the age of Aquarius; crisis as danger or opportunity; be the butterfly; Tai Chi as a model for life. Do we all connect to each other on another realm? Is precognition part of our DNA? What is the power of the hive mind? The online community vs. lobbyists and so much more.








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