Meria With Jim Fetzer – JFK, 9/11 and Iran

2/8/12 Meria interviews Professor Jim Fetzer.  The JFK tapes; Air Force had a role in the assassination; Curtis LeMay; who organized the assassination? Bush Sr & Lansdale at the book depository; joint chiefs were disillusioned with JFK; Air Force expert shooter; Vancouver 9/11 Conference June 15-17; directed energy weapons, shaped nukes; irregularities of 9/11; Flights 11 & 77 not scheduled to fly that day; other 2 planes not taken out of service until 2005; John Farmer’s “Ground Truth”; Judy Wood’s “Where Did the Towers Go”; altered Zapruder films; altered 9/11 films – “Totally Fake!But You still Would Believe It” and 9/11 Fake Media Make Believe; Iran -false flag? WW3 would ensue, ending all life; Netanyahu-most dangerous enemy of peace; Israel’s nuclear arsenal; Candidates advocating first strike – against all laws; freezing assets is an act of war; WW2-Day of Deceit; All American history is a pack of lies; Fighting for the US “petro-dollars” in Iraq, Libya and now Iran; American Zionist media; Impeach Barack Hussein Obama and more “stuff”.







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  1. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    Another fabulous interview Meria. Thank you to Jim Fetzer and you for sharing all of this
    important information.

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