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2/13/12 Meria With the News: Thousands protest ACTA across Europe; Tony Bennett “legalize drugs”; Whitney Houston dead from alcohol & prescription drugs; bomb threat in Amsterdam airport; Israel tries to set up Iran; Greece is on fire -National Strike; GM mosquitos in Florida; Fukushima’s reactor triple record reheating; Pakistan protests US drones; Auckland flight with H3N2 virus on it; no one likes Romney; cleaning up oil from wrecked ship in Italy; Anonymous tells Israel’s govt “expect us”, takes down CIA, Interpol and other sites; US blames Israel for murdering Iranian scientists; Gingrich hypes up the fear; Trump vs. wind power in Scotland; UK lining up nuke subs near Falklands; Belgian firefighters fight back; radioactive cesium in San Francisco milk triple EPA max; Organic farmers vs. Monsanto; Rahm Emanuel wants you to register your guns; privatizing military deaths; earthquake reports; Marines & their SS photo; Obama’s flip flop on contraception; men discussing women; new windfarm opens in UK; Wewelsfleth, Germany every house has cancer; Neotame a new toxin in your food without a label; cleaning nuke Hanford $112 billion; US backed coup in Maldives; Spilled Semen and “personhood” in Okla; blacks get longer prison time than whites for same crimes; child porn oil exec walks free; Washington State passes same sex marriage and more “stuff”.



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  1. shaun says:

    Go Meria!, sometimes to you really have to call a spade a spade! xxx

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