Meria With Bob Chapman – The International Economic Forecast

Eurozone Collapsing?

4/10/12 Meria with Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster. Co-writing with James Corbett; housing in Phoenix;foreclosures at 6.8 million to grow to 9.8 million in 3 years; moving companies suffering;the crash of the housing market created a depression; Unemployment is 22.4%; IMF bailouts; suicides because of austerity measures; war in Syria and we’re already involved in it; Are we deliberately setting up a war with Russia & China? Marines in Australia; Coco’s Island; inflation; wage inflation; Eurozone won’t survive; False flags abound; setting up a race riot in US? don’t participate!; Senate Bill 1813 – owe taxes, no passport; fencing us in; precursor to currency control; Royal Bank of Canada and fraudulent trading; teens not driving; Spain – next for austerity; construction falling; Moody’s to downgrade 15 banks in May and more “stuff”.






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5 Responses to "Meria With Bob Chapman – The International Economic Forecast"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Wow, wasn’t THAT a barrel of laughs?!!

  2. maureen o'brien says:

    No kidding Deborah. My daughter said Bob sounds ‘depressed’. It’s hard to keep reporting on a situation that seems to always be getting worse and more insane. My daughter wants to drive, and I can’t pay the $560 for driver’s ed., plus all of the restrictions on licenses and it goes on and on. There are no jobs, esp for teenagers. In the area I live in, most of the min. wage jobs are taken by the ‘New African Immigrants’ because there are incentives and of course they pay no taxes. There’s a palpable hatred for these ‘refugees’ and the people – Sudanese, Congolese, and Somalian have over-run this city (Portland) and really DON’T want to be here. Maine was like the whitest state in the country, and now the people of color they are exposed to en masse are taking everything that’s free and given to them, and the people that worked all of their lives are losing everything. It’s ugly. My question has been – if 9/11 was about Muslim Terrorists, why are we importing Muslims left and right? I’m leaving because I hate the cold, but it’s taking too long to get out. Might as well be warm and broke. :)

  3. Meria says:

    Let’s ALL send good energy to Bob! It’s hard not to get down after doing what we do all these years………

  4. Andy Buchan says:

    The reality is that the only question is WHEN things will turn around, not IF. Things will definitely, at some point, turn around to the good. I think Bob is just getting a little tired of waiting………..

  5. Meria says:

    Hi Andy, I agree, aren’t we all!

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