Meria With Kelly McMillan and the News

Kelly McMillan vs. BOA

4/30/12 Meria interviews Kelly McMillan of McMillan Group International on his issue with BOA over the 2nd amendment; Why and what was the visit from BOA’s Sr.Vice President about? What about the 2nd amendment? Are you still banking with BOA? In the news: Romania’s govt. falls; monkeypox and flight 3163; exercises? at Minot Air Force Base; Red Cross told to prepare for evacuation of Chicago; Britain’s worse depression in 100 yrs; Fla. Gov loses to the Constitution over drug testing; Violence Against Women Act reauthorized; drones; Prison industry’s big arm; radioactive waste dump comes to Texas; Bilderberg’s in Virginia? ; Russia prepares for war if US/Israel strikes Iran; Ex Israeli spy speaks out against Netanyahu and “Messianic” war; TSA and 79 yr old woman; Norwegian makes wrong turn in Arizona, gets 7 1/2 yrs; Rubio fined for improper contributions; Banks to track OWS protesters; earthquakes; world wide we are all suspects; May Day  – General Strike Worldwide (show will be dark tomorrow); Blind Chinese Activist under US protection; FDA and antibiotics; Operation Red Zone in Chicago; surface to air missiles for rooftops for Olympics; no photos of Bin Laden’s death; plague; jellyfish shut down nuke power plant in Calif; ban on cell phones and driving; prayer and jail in Russia; NYC cuts education/schools; Wisconsin’s Planned Parenthood & morning after pill; the cost of obesity in the USA and more “stuff”.



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