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Zelikow's torture memo

4/9/12 Meria With the News: former CIA officer indicted on 5 counts for whistleblowing;Zelikow’s memo on Bush torture policies ordered destroyed by White House; Germany okay with Iran nuke development; Guenter Grass blacklisted in Israel; N.Korea vs. Japan; Cameron’s secret courts on surveillance; Anonymous strikes again;radioactive leaks in France; San Onofre shut down indefinitely; Fukushima’s radiation out of control – in Calif. kelp; Navy drill prior to exact event hitting senior housing in Va; spying on teachers in UK; Neo-Nazi’s rev up for race war; 2 whites arrested for murder in Tulsa (black victims); Scott Walker passed secret bills on Friday; war on drugs a failure as is prohibition; Asking Michelle Obama to stop war with Iran; Total’s gas leak grows; Monsanto threatens Vermont; mystery disease hits polar bears; Ford Focus recalled; Mitt & Netanyahu best buds; Mike Wallace dead; Marines caught with explosives in Calif; Tyler Perry racial profiling charges; Thomas Kinkade dead; 17 yr old sells kidney for Iphone; earthquake reports; US aging farmers; jobs report; Dem calls another a whore for AIPAC; costs rise on Tn. nuke plant; more money for Israel’s military; Marines land in Australia; KBR being sued by troops; JP Morgan fined; Russia wants their Lord of War back ; military wants to dismiss 9 yr marine for f/b; Calif wants to end execution law; SONY layoffs; Mitt – a member of the NRA; Autism and maternal obesity and more “stuff”.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Definitely a “world of information” provided, as always, in your news shows. Thanks for the hours and hours it took for you to gather it to share with all of us!

  2. Meria says:

    thanks Deb! I need someone good at marketing to help me spread the show around now. I don’t like begging for money or subscriptions like other sites do…but it is a necessary part of staying alive (for now). If any of you are good at that, let me know! hugs

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