Meria With Conn Hallinan – Drones, Sanctions – Covert Wars

Conn Hallinan, Independent Journalist

7/18/12 Meria interviews Conn Hallinan, Independent Journalist, Columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus and winner of Project Censored “Real News Award” on the truth about Syria, Iran, Libya, covert wars and our drone President. As the US propaganda machine amps up, the truth is here. Drones – a new way to define war and bypass Congress; last time Congress approved war was in 1942; Libya and the War Powers Act; no bodybags=no war? drones over America; goodbye privacy; collateral damage -women and children first; The Geneva Conventions 1977 Edition; violations of International Law and the Constitution; wars in Somalia,Yemen,Pakistan – all targets of the USA; the Gulf Co-operation Council; where’s the LIBOR story on tv? Theft of $500 TRILLION; targeting rescuers and funeral goers; Clinton failing the propaganda war in Syria; China & Russia on regime change; who’s interests are involved? Iran WMD’s? no proof; what about Israel’s WMD’s? We are already at war with Iran with our illegal sanctions which affect the people, not the rulers; the Flame & Stuxnet virus and the dangers of blowback on that; and much more.





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