Meria With Dr. Lani Leary – No One Has To Die Alone

Dr. Lani Leary

7/11/12 Meria interviews Dr. Lani Leary on her excellent book “No One Has To Die Alone, Preparing for a Meaningful Death”. No one wants to think about death, this show will enlighten you on many levels on death, grief and how to prepare. Raising your death competency; spirituality and death; the movie “Imitation of Life”; Myths about death; from the parlor to the living room; how long does grieving take? Is all grieving the same? Is there a masculine and feminine way to grieve? survivor guilt; death of a child, suicide and unexpected death; men sweat their grief, women cry it; hearing is the last sense to go; how to talk to the dying; how to help the dying; ADC-after death communication, is it real? the fear of death stops many from fully living; rituals; we live in a death averse culture; end of life issues; be prepared; how to be a caregiver; the blessing of hospice; no one has to endure a painful death; ignoring or protecting your children from death? Is it a good idea? see death as either a tragedy or opportunity; 90% want to die at home, few do; letting go so they can; be present, not fearful; and much more including personal stories.





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