Meria With Katie McCabe – Justice Older Than the Law

Dovey Johnson Roundtree

7/31/12 Meria Interviews Katie McCabe, award winning writer, co-author with Dovey Johnson Roundtree of “Justice Older Than the Law”. Dovey is an American treasure, yet many don’t know of her courageous life. Dovey defended the man chosen to be the patsy for the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, lover of JFK who was murdered for what she knew. how Katie met Dovey. The great personal cost of following her destiny; the important mentors of Dovey’s and her relationship with her grandmother; 1946 an African American WOMAN entering the law was unheard of; the abuse she had to withstand; Fighting Jim Crow in the army and the courts; The movie “The Help”; domestic for a rich white family to save for school; Paying it forward; Dovey was born in 1914 in Jim Crow’s Charlotte; treated as an alien practicing law in the 50′s; her most notorious case “The U.S. vs. Ray Crump”; winning the case despite not knowing the truth about Mary’s diary, CIA involvement, etc; How the case came to be Dovey’s; Trial on the eve of the Watts Riots and the Voting Act; her lethal cross-examination style; the “Dovinator”; the case couldn’t be sealed, thus the work of Peter Janney in “Mary’s Mosiac” (see archives). A true American legend and hero.





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7 Responses to "Meria With Katie McCabe – Justice Older Than the Law"

  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Hi Meria,

    As I told you by e-mail, I have not listened to many shows lately, being too busy. My intuition told me to listen to this one. I’m glad I did! I will get the book soon and read it. Whenever I hear a story like that of Dovey Roundtree I wish I could have been there to help out. At least I can read the story and contribute energy that way. All the best, Eddie.

  2. Edward Safranski says:

    Hi again Meria, I want to add to my previous comment. I said I can contribute energy by reading the story. That sounds ridiculous because we have been trained to view time as a linear phenomenon going only forward. That is a left-brain view foisted upon us by the evil ones who seek to control us. In fact time is multi dimensional. I call it a time sphere. The past is just as malleable as the future. So it is possible to contribute energy to a past event just by reading about it. Time is an illusion. By giving beneficial energy to past events we can alter the present and the future, and I think as we remember our true selves we can even alter the past.. All the best, Eddie.

  3. Meria says:

    It’s a great book and she is an unsung HERO! I’m so glad you enjoyed the show, I wondered if the style/topic would go over. Katie is fabulous too.

  4. zese says:

    Man that was a fast hour, great job again Meria!

  5. Meria says:

    yes it was! There’s so much that woman has accomplished it would take years to cover it all. Glad you liked it, I loved it!

  6. maureen o'brien says:

    Dear Meria,
    That was probably my favorite interview of the year, it gave me goose bumps. You and Katie did great together. Awesome show! My amazon book list grows by the day. Love, Mo.

  7. Meria says:

    And I wondered if the different style would go over! I loved it too. Thanks!

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