Meria With Sameera Hafiz – SB1070 and Racial Profiling

7/24/12 Meria interview Sameera Hafiz, Policy Director for Rights Working Group on SB1070 and racial profiling in America. Who are Rights Working Group and what do they do; “Face the Truth” campaign; racial profiling after 9/11; detentions, imprisonments, deportations, round ups, entry/exit systems; white anxiety as they shrink from majority to minority; white person – crazy – non-white – terrorists; living in the shadows and the cost of that; “show me your papers”; law enforcement is against it; what is a lawful stop? what about check points within America? Federal pre-emption; the myths of illegals and free benefits; the Dream Act; mixed status families; how does this affect women? Stop and Frisk in NYC; what is “reasonable suspicion”; the war on drugs and incarcerations; Prisons for profit – who benefits? Who’s making money off SB1070? religious profiling; how racial profiling harms us all; HB56- Alabama; the Criminal Alien Act and more information. Be informed before casting an opinion.







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