Meria With Ellen Brown on the LIBOR Conspiracy

   8/28/12 Meria interviews Ellen Brown, Attorney, author of 11 books and President of the Public Banking Institute. The LIBOR conspiracy, what is it and how does it affect us in the U.S.? rigging LIBOR rates for greed; 16 Big Banks set the LIBOR rate (4 of them US banks); what are derivatives and who owns 96% of them? illegal gambling is now legal thanks to new legislation; RICO act; nationalize the banks; Government Sachs role; the shadow banking system; Henry Paulson’s part; MERS- what is it? the Federal Reserve’s part; who owns mortgages; Cities suing MERS; what is money? the gold standard; Land banks; What’s the truth about the Post Office? an intentional plan to bring it down? Govt requires only the Post Office to prefund retirement health benefits for 75 yrs; USPS is an independent corporation; What are Postal Banks? Could we benefit from bringing them back? What countries are successful at it? what about the unbanked and underbanked? back in the 1850′s London; how to save the Post Office and the poor; profit motive monopolies and so much more.




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2 Responses to "Meria With Ellen Brown on the LIBOR Conspiracy"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I was always suspicious about the “story” that the U.S. Post Office was insolvent and should be privatized (which is code for some “conspiracy” folks saw a way to make money and wanted to grab it for themselves). Ellen explained why in one simple sentence. Great interview.

  2. Meria says:

    yup, another deliberate take down by the govt

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