Meria With Jordan Estevao -Foreclosures and Bank Fraud

8/10/12 Meria interview Jordan Estevao, Campaign Director with National People’s Action Organization. Foreclosures are far from over; losses to homeowners, workers and wages; consumers vs. citizens; 1/3 of homeowners are underwater on their mortgage; Banks need to reset principal on homes; property taxes lost; your property value due to foreclosures; the Community Reinvestment Act; predatory lending; red lining; the big 4 vs. local banks; solutions? robo-signing; big banks are the culprits of the financial crash; Occupy and the 99%; $700 billion in underwater debt not going into the economy; Fannie & Freddie – what to do? jail the bankers; mortgage fraud task force; credit ratings; Glass-Steagall Act (repealed under Clinton); change lobbying laws; “Banks own the place” -Sen. Durbin about Congress; Dodd-Frank Act; Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and more.






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