Meria With Jesse Johnson – Mountain Party Candidate West Virginia

10/29/12 Meria interviews Jesse Johnson, 3rd Party Mountain Party Candidate for Governor of West Virginia. His 3rd nomination for Governor, are the people of W.V. better off now than they were 8 yrs ago? Why he runs; I met Jesse personally in 2006 and he’s a REAL person who REALLY cares about W.Va.; No improvements in W.Va., under the banksters governors; Corporate citizenship? money now equals free speech; we ARE the government; fascism or freedom? unemployment in W.Va.,; rich in resources but what about renewables? Carbon products are the future; black lung disease rising; hydro-fracking and the chemical/radiation releases; Citizens United money in elections; Wants to return to paper ballots and hand counting; how will the “storm” affect them? Jesse’s “12 for 2012″ platform; the history of Blair mountain; the faux “war on coal” and much more. I endorse Jesse 100% for Governor.






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