Meria With Joyce Johnson, Producer – Mother – Caring For 7 Billion

10/30/12 Meria interviews Joyce Johnson, Producer of “Mother, Caring for 7 Billion” on over-population as the #1 environmental issue we face today. Humans are creating the 6th Mass Extinction. Sandy hit an overpopulated area, the extreme “right” wants to do away with contraception and abortion while the planet is suffering under our over-consumption. Poverty on the rise; starvation shouldn’t be population control; the human/women rights aspect of population growth; why is this subject taboo? Not mentioned in any debates? How long has the US equated population with the economy? low cost labor-lower wages; social unrest inevitable when people are jobless and starving; cultural and religious reasons for not using contraception; socio-economics; 50% of pregnancies in the US alone are unwanted; why not adopt? Chinese buying farms in US,Brazil, So.America and Africa to feed their people; Norway a great example of investing in people via social capitalism – the Gag Rule; the domination system and much more.




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