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10/4/12 Meria With the News: Meria’s comments on the “debate” last night; Jim Lehrer needs to retire; Obama too cool, Romney too stupid; Europe’s reaction; US military sprayed radiation on Corpus Cristi & St Louis, still think chemtrails won’t hurt you? Severely disabled woman rape case thrown out; steroids & meningitis outbreak; Turkey/Syria war; China lessens investments in the dollar; DHS counterrorism units a bunch of crap; Dallas fracking earthquakes; Detroit workers strike; Donors losing interest in Romney; Akin accuses abortion doctors of cheating on taxes, gets caught cheating on his taxes; Chik fil-A supports biblical families; Space station moves to avoid space junk; US births down due to economy; Iranian protests, rial drops 40%; like a f/b post, go to jail; another border agent killed; NYs solitary confinement unjustified; Mitt & Monsanto 1977; pot decriminalized in Kalamazoo? American dream a myth-Joe Stiglitz; earthquake reports; Riot police vs. Walmart strikers; Gaddafi killed by French S.S.; GMO health risks and mainstream media; Kissinger predicts Israel gone in 10 yrs; farmer eaten by his hogs; 220 pound teacher claims assault by 6 yr old, 50 pounds; chrixtians fight Cal. law banned conversion therapy; Smoked salmon recall – Costco; LA repeals pot dispensary ban; using your smartphone to spy on you; Honda recall; and more “stuff”.





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2 Responses to "Meria With the News"

  1. zese says:

    Love the two cheeks comment ;)

  2. Meria says:

    ha, I can barely contain myself with the b.s. I hear, read and see lately..glad you enjoyed the quip!

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