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10/11/12 Meria With the News: Jimmy Carter: elections corrupted by foreign money; link for video on Fetzer interview; US troops near Syrian border; Supreme Injustices continue immunity for telecom co’s; rally’s against drone attacks; Supremes side with Halliburton & KBR;Cesium in Tokyo; protests at nuke plant in India; students and microchips; SARs -made in the USA; meningitis outbreak worsens; UK’s cash in US elections; Finland prepares for death of the euro; Honda and Toyota recalls; billed for the death of her son by NYPD; Cancer patient humiliated by TSA; bad cops; Sandusky pleads innocence, gets 30-60 yrs; Obama vs. Romney; blocking Chinese biz; Occupy and cops merge in Atlanta; Arkansas Republican wants death penalty for disobedient children; Can No.Korea’s rockets hit the U.S.? Romney flip flops again; 1 in 5 Americans atheists; Republican Scott DesJarlais anti-abortion had g/f get one; mother of killed SEAL takes Romney on; Mark Hamill on Romney; Romney knows nothing about health insurance or foreign policy; kids in solitary confinement in US prisons; Puerto Rico’s dengue epidemic and more “stuff”.




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  1. pranicmegan says:

    I can’t seem to down load this one?? I dunno why???

  2. Meria says:

    I fixed it. Try again, my mistake.

  3. pranicmegan says:

    Oh! heh heh. Thanks !!! Will do.

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