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10/18/12 Meria With the News: Earthquakes abound; Paul Ryan’s phony photo op; Romney tells bosses to tell his employees how to vote; Ann Romney “I’m pro-life”; Tucker Carlson says Candy’s fact check equal to Lincoln’s assassination; the debate; troops to stay in Afghanistan past 2014; Bin Laden’s driver’s conviction overturned; drones for Libya; CIA and terrorists; retirement instead of jail for sodomist? Olive groves hit by Israeli’s; new oil slick in Gulf, same old oil slick; EU falling; NYPD beats man in synagogue; go to jail in UK for tee shirt; blind guy tasered over cane; George McGovern dying; flu in Michigan; shots don’t work; McDonald’s earning down; Britain & EU; another Earth found; binders full of women story bogus; dirty Chinese food; FBI sting (set up?) in NY at Federal Reserve; private mercenaries busted; Green party Candidates arrested; Tagg Romney wants to punch Obama; Defense of marriage act loses; Newsweek to stop printing; obesity rises and more “stuff’.




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