Meria with Victoria Collier & The News

10/22/12 Meria interviews Victoria Collier, daughter & niece of the Collier Brothers “Votescam” followed by the news. Read her cover article this month at Harpers Magazine “The Stolen Vote”; In an honest election Obama would win, Romney & family/backers own the voting machines; repeat of 2000? GOP’s base white male conservatives shrinking in US, no other way to win but steal it; elections are rigged by both parties and have been for decades; both are Corporatist parties; your vote goes into the electronic darkness.

In the News: Earthquake reports; George McGovern dead; Russell Means dead; Ellsberg on Romney; CIA facing arrests; CIA wants more armed drones; Israel blocks ship for Gaza; Salt Lake City Tribune backs Obama; Prop. 36 and the 3 strike law; Iran agrees to talks with next President; RNC official arrested for tossing voter registrations in Va.; nightmare election scenarios; Joe Walsh, Rep. says abortions never necessary to save a mother; Ryan says war on women is fiction; more mercenaries in Afghan than troops; Japan puts curfew on troops; 44 TSA workers fired; body scanners moved to smaller airports; 3 more bank failures;abortion laws tighten; Banana boat burns your skin;Holocaust reparations ripped off; transplanting poop; geo-engineering the ocean; mass shooting in Wisc; Rights group asking for election monitors; Nissan recalls Altima; Italian scientists convicted; and more “stuff”.




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2 Responses to "Meria with Victoria Collier & The News"

  1. Corey Coldiron says:

    I am not understanding just the Romeny bashing, since a vote for either is a vote for big bank and big corporation. From my own family I heare well it’s a vote for the lesser of the 2 evils, AND THEY WANT TO VOTE FOR ROMNEY. How uneducated on the issues! I want to bitch slap them. Obama has not kept any campaign promises, said he would not renew the patriot act, signed the NDAA, and continued Bush’s Begining of the NAZI state! I understand it is the news, but we forget about fraud the last time around, about how Hitlary should have been the nominee but voter fraud screwed her. We go to vote we lose. We have already lost. I love this show, it is sanity. I do not like EITHER candidate, but I hear the lesser of two evils when just bashing Romeny. I am not going to waste my gas and CANT wait for change I can help bring.

  2. Meria says:

    Well, since most of us have bashed Obomba for 4 yrs now, and along comes a dolt like Romney with all his lies,baggage and theocracy, how can we not? Even Daniel Ellsberg who slams Obomba constantly said Romney must be stopped. I hear you though. I wish it were all over but I think a repeat of 2000 is very likely.

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