Roaring Truth With Meria and Jim Fetzer

10/9/12 ROARING TRUTH with Meria & Professor Jim Fetzer. This show is NOT to be missed, nor for those living in an illusion. Social media controls and free speech; the presidential debate – Jim Lehrers garbage questions; Romney is incompetent in every way; His wife worries about his “mental health” we all should be; The elephant in the room – his dangerous cult membership, Mason, Zionist spy? His father helped him evade the draft at his own cost; sent to France after some sort of breakdown to be a “missionary”; Dan Rather paid the price for exposing W’s missing “service”; Romneys Mexican background; who’s advising Romney and what do they have to do with 9/11/01?Setting up Iran, what about Israel’s nukes? Sheldon Adelson – Vegas,China,Israel, Romney, dedicated Zionist; the classified report : Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East” ; Israel and JFK; the USS Liberty; Mormon members of the 12 tribes of ISRAEL; HR6566 – FEMA mobilizing for Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act; 300 FEMA camps, who are they for? No domestic terrorism, DHS fusion centers a failure; who are the bullets for? Are they preparing for civil war against the American people? 30,000 drones for the U.S.; Prepare and lots more. Not a show for the weak of heart.





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