Blood And Guts with Meria and Jack Blood

11/28/12 Blood & Guts with Meria & Jack Blood. The election 2012; Obama & Romney’s lunch date; Obama legacy;disposable candidates;Jeb Bush & Rick Santorum; Jeb’s son George; threats on Obama;the movie “Lincoln” why now? Do we need another false flag attack? Benghazi a false flag on the Obama Administration, firings retributions? Christie & Sandy; FEMA/Sandy/Bain Capital; Petraeus – why now? Israel/Palestine; testing the Iron Dome for Iran? what do we get in return for support of Israel? North Korea, another missile launch? re-do of the film “Red Dawn”; was the Boston Tea Party an act of terrorism as is now being taught in Texas? demonizing militias; Obama’s “Whistleblower Bill” ; Kent Bain’s book; and more “stuff”.




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2 Responses to "Blood And Guts with Meria and Jack Blood"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    After all of these years of listening to your shows, I have finally – and firmly – settled into the mind-set of not believing ANYTHING I hear from government officials or the mass media. Rather than making me feel fearful, I feel an amazing sense of freedom. I laugh all the time and step lightly on the earth. This must be what it feels like to finally see all the crap as an illusion. Awesome!!

  2. Meria says:

    like that “be in the world, but not part of it”…..

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