Meria With Agbe Epou -Escape From the Third Dimension

11/27/12 Meria interviews author and spiritual traveler Agbe Epou on his books “A Glimpse of Who We Are” and “Escape From the Third Dimension”. Is the darkside real? Agbe began his journey in W. Africa and traveled the world to rid himself of negative forces; From believing in religion to believing in science, to believing in himself; the soul is stronger than a million supermen; Darwin- a member of a secret society; Science is a religion and distraction; we are being purposely manipulated; love crosses all barriers and is a strong protection; how to stay on a strong spiritual path; can we reincarnate to the past? the future? the fear based indoctrination of protein; eating low energy food attracts negativity; inter-dimensional beings; transhumanism; the non visible world; his trip to Peru and Mother Ayahuasca; the soul is a neutral energy; we are light in human form; more than just reptilians here; who are the destroyers of the world? difference between a vision and an hallucination; does time exist? Is one lifetime enough? Strong souls seem to endure much more than others and lots more.




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Escape from the Third Dimension (Paperback)

By (author): Mr. Epou Ben Epou

This is the second element of my UNIversal autobiographical series. After waking up spiritually and understanding that humans have forgotten that A MILLION SUPERMAN PUT TOGETHER HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON ONE SOUL, I became aware that I and the rest of humanity are slaves, I sought to escape from The Third Dimension. In such pursuit, I traveled to West Africa, the Amazon River in Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica in search of my liberty. During these trips, I learned some terrible things about how the world is really controlled. I also learned some wonderful things such as the fact that time travelling is really real, and was finally blown away when I learned that the Universe is really expanding and it is a fantastic feast!
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6 Responses to "Meria With Agbe Epou -Escape From the Third Dimension"

  1. geri montelle says:

    Again Meria, this show with Agbe was fantastic!! I plan to listen to it again and again because there was so much information and I want to hear all this again and each time I listen I want to hear things you both said but maybe I missed them. He had things to share that resonated with me especially when he said that fear in the spirit of man can be a real problem because it is distructive, but the knowing that these things can’t hurt us is what I want to always remember. All you Lightworkers have gone through a lot to bring us the truth about ourselves. It all lines up with what you, David Icke, Michael Reccia, and others have said about Choosing Love not Fear. I plan on buying the book/s to further my understanding in this subject matter. Thank you Meria for all that you do and the people you have on your show.

    geri sm

  2. Meria says:

    Thank you Geri. He’s been through a lot and learned a lot because of it. He’s very brave to be so candid about his life.

  3. Raymond ODonoghue says:

    Hi Meria,
    Wow what a cool interview with Agbe. Again affirming the light beings we truly are and the energy that is love is the real power. Surely at some level deep within humanity we know it to be true.
    What perplexes me is these other entities, races, reptilians and others are also from the same universal source as we are, surely capable of much nobler pursuits that they currently do so from that perspective all the horror and suffering they inflict on our species seems rather pointless really, Sad!!!
    Thanks again Meria for your show

  4. Meria says:

    no different than people who choose darkness instead of the light. Everything is choice and many make the wrong ones consistently. Glad you enjoyed the show!

  5. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    Agbe is a very special person…Thank you for another wonderful interview, Meria! Bottom line:
    LOVE is ALL that really matters…p.s. more books to buy

  6. Meria says:

    that guy went through hell and back for sure.

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