Meria With Derek Hoff “The State and the Stork”

11/6/12 Meria Interviews Derek S. Hoff, Associate Professor of History at Kansas State University on his latest book “The State and the Stork, The Population Debate and Policy Making In U.S. History”. Where’s the discussion/debate on population and the economy? Babies are seen as future taxpayers and consumers; The Global 2000 Report; Quality of life; bombs,babies and bulldozers; Population isn’t just about the environment, race, eugenics – it’s more than that; the debate ended in 1970; why? pro-choice vs. intolerance; scientific racism; the ghost of eugenics; Manifest Destiny included the superiority of the white race; what is white? the closing of the frontier; Malthusians; finite resources; population or prosperity; moving back to the Cities; Americans don’t do long term issues well; Nixon’s commission on population growth; Reagan dismissed population arguments; ageing crisis as a political construct; who spends the money – the rich or the working class?




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