Meria With S.K.Bain – The Most Dangerous Book In The World

Is Phoenix next?

11/20/12 Meria interviews author S.K.Bain on his timely book “The Most Dangerous Book In the World, 9/11 As Mass Ritual, includes addendum “The Next 9/11? – A Work of Predictive Fiction”. 9/11/01 as a mass occult ritual (keep an open mind); Powers that be use astrology, numerology and symbology for their own uses/false flags; Crowley & Blavatsky; The Occult script for 9/11 full of mockery for their victims; Skull & Bones – Satanic rituals; Bush & Chavez “the devil was in the house”; symbols don’t kill people, people with symbols kill people; symbol illiteracy; ignorance of metaphysics & esoteric matters; Olympics & the Super Bowl – the dark side of the occult; Ground Zero a massive ceremonial complex; Pillars of Hermes and the Twin Towers; The Millenium Hilton; the dog Sirius on 9/11 and the Dog Star Sirius; December 25, 2012 – galactic alignment – occultists – will it be another 9/11? The occult symbols around Phoenix, Arizona for that date; will the next ritual dwarf 9/11? Predictive fiction? Can we prevent this from happening?




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2 Responses to "Meria With S.K.Bain – The Most Dangerous Book In The World"

  1. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    S.K. Bain “The Most Dangerous Book In The World” a MUST buy…Thank you, Meria, for having him on your show! You both are unbelievable and special people…

  2. Meria says:

    thanks Patricia!

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