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11/1/12 Meria with the News: Hurricane Sandy blows the East Coast to pieces; Obama’s response; Mitt’s phony photo op; Obama & Christie; Mitt loses, Obamba wins; Mitt lies to Ohio about jobs going to China; Obama called “Presidential”; rats in the City; nuke plants shutdown; Romney thinks FEMA is immoral, we should depend on “charity”; more British troops killed in Afghan; one junk food meal and your arteries; choice: lesser of two evils (again); Romney’s auto bailout profit; EU unemployment worse ever; EU vs Israeli goods; 25% of cell phone towers taken out by Sandy; Romney “rented” Mormon Church tax exemption for 15 yrs; Axe FEMA – Romney; woman arrested at council meeting for talking too long; fracking a mile from a nuke plant in Pa.,; Bush’s “Brownie” criticizes Obama for responding too quickly to Sandy; Romney “disaster relief is immoral”; Germany wants it’s US gold; earthquakes; poverty hunger worsens in Spain, Italy and other EU countries; Sandusky in max security prison; Berkeley wants to fine the homeless $75; jobs added; Israel admits killed Arafat’s deputy in 1988; Chinese want to dump one child policy; Another Repub speaks crazy on rape, incest, abortion; and more “stuff”.




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2 Responses to "Meria With the News"

  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Wow. Another fantastic week of shows – quite the marathon. By the end of this show, I was thinking ‘This is going in a really ‘Wow’ dimension’ and it was spectacular! I listened to you and Webster 3 or 4 times yesterday just so I could repeat as much of it verbatim as possible because that show is like a Revelation and must be constantly repeated until we get lockjaw etc. Have a great weekend and I’ll hear you next week. Love, Mo

  2. Meria says:

    Thanks Maureen. That show with Webster is at the free show link, on youtube, etc., so spread it around. Yes it was quite the week of shows.

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