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11/5/12 Meria With the News: One more day (yay); Voter suppression, tossed ballots, revised counts = shades of 2000; US Navy gets drone boats; more death in Afghanistan; Nuclear Industry funded nuke experts in Japan; Ohio will be a mess; $400 mil in dark money in our elections; protesters pepper sprayed in Portland; Obama’s grand bargain if elected? Gary Johnson will take votes from Romney; Romney films staffers while asleep! Maher on Romney; 52 Michigan men (most religious) accused of sexual assaults in Boy Scouts; housing crisis in NYC; 2 mil without power; NY subways almost all back online; GOP firm & Virginia voting fraud investigated; earthquakes; gas lowest in 4 yrs; jobs up; UN damaged by Sandy; $75 bil for US intell; UK vs. US; cameras on your property without a warrant; Libya a CIA mission; Iran offered emergency workers help to US; oil spill during Sandy; more Penn State arrests; plant based diets & chronic diseases; Inmates file class action suit against confessions-by-torture cops in Chicago; Latinos gear up in Az; Bloomberg endorses Obama; UAW files charges against Romney for auto bailout profiteering; Sicily’s first gay governor? Chinese want more; Pastor murders fiancee’s daughter; Cop tasers a 10 yr old in New Mexico; Secret serviceman kills himself; Israel moves forward on medical marijuana; Romney’s latest threats if not elected; filmmakers vs. Donald Trump; Kodak cutting retiree benefits through bankruptcy;Paul Ryan’s religious rant; and more “stuff”.




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