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Israel Strikes Syria

11/12/12 Meria With the News: Israel strikes Syria – another war? Earthquake reports including Kentucky; Romney’s transition website;Nestle recall; FEMA trailers & prison camp style replacements for victims of Sandy; Exxon leak in Nigeria; nuclear problems around the world; more virulent strain of West Nile Virus; Obama won Fla; toxic dangers of Sandy; Director BBC resigns; CEO at Lockheed resigns; Petraeus resigns, CIA/FBI involvement; Boehner, new fan of Obama? Karl Rove accuses Obama of suppressing the vote; did evil choose the president? Obama on tax cuts; Obama cries; racist remarks after election; McDonalds flies flag upside down after election; overturn Citizens United? who’s leaving the Obama administration; drones in Yemen after election; the Ripper & Savile; Iran’s warning on drones; Applebees, Papa Johns, Walmart – threats to employees after election; blast in Indianapolis; Cuomo wants $30 bil for Sandy damages; Venice floods; Gingrich on Obama win; and more “stuff”.





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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I think Karl Rove’s melt-down was indicative of his belief in the promises of HIS handlers that the fix was in – for Romney. However, I believe that the fix was already in for Obama to win. As you have often commented, why change the President? Obama is one of the best Republican Presidents we have ever had.

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