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11/19/12 Meria With the News: Israel/Gaza war; Egypt’s view on attacks; Obama in Myanmar; Israel pushes for more Iron Dome interceptors, calls up 75,000 reserves; Pentagon wants 75,000 troops for Syria; 100 dead in Gaza; Anonymous attacks Israeli websites; Protests in Egypt; Slovenia nuke plant stopped; Retailers vs. workers on Black Friday; crisis in Haiti; did Karl Rove break election law; Irish protest abortion law; another oil rig blast in Louisiana; republicans argue over why they lost; Hypocrite “pro-life” Republican had wife have 2 abortions, girlfriend one; Denver’s UFO? Bass virus in Az lakes; earthquakes; another potential theater shooter; 50 mil in poverty in U.S.; Obama got the gay vote; McCain testy; latest on the gals in the Petraeus scandal; Romney/Bain corruption scandal; Gingrich calls Romney’s comment Nutz; US blocks visas for Iranian delegates; someone’s killing dolphins; another Exxon spill in Nigeria; Galapagos rats get 40 tons of poison¬† and more stuff.



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  1. Andy Buchan says:

    The whole thing’s falling to pieces. I can’t help but think that what we are actually witnessing is the final collapse of a world religion — Christianity. Because we are as it were immersed in the effects, it is very easy to forget that Christianity ruled with an iron fist of morality for 2000 years. It has been in free-fall now for some 100 years, since around 1900; I can only think it has another 100 years before it finally perishes. The reality is that this religion was born of a whole series of Errors — we are now witnessing the total Collapse of this system of world morality, we all have front row seats. Strap in, people. . . . the ride is Bumpy & far from over yet. This won’t be news to you, Meria, or to most of your listeners, but we live in a Madhouse, an utterly insane world, all the direct result of humanity en masse worshipping an imaginary God for some 2000 years. . . .

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