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11/22/12 Meria With the News: Anniv. of the MURDER of JFK; Horror stories of Black Friday’s past; starve a corporation, feed democracy; facing the truth about Thanksgiving isn’t easy; Jesse Jackson Jr quits; Clinton’s swan song in Israel/Gaza; Cease fire – why? senate bill to read your emails, postings without a warrant; oil leak near Susquehanna; Fukushima’s fish highly polluted; Suing TEPCO & Japanese govt; Turkey labels Israel a terrorist state; France pulls out of Afghanistan; US/Israel hacked Sarkozy’s computers; war with Iran next; Murdoch aids charged; bad weather/airline strikes; FDA waited 684 days to warn on meningitis drugs; Hellerstein lets United Airlines off the hook for 9/11; volcano in New Zealand erupts; over the counter birth control; Shadow banking exposed; Airport security killing us; 7 out of 10 Asian countries switch from dollar to yuan (thus Obama’s trip); cyber attacks on Israel; infidelity a toll of war; arrested for liking a f/b post; will HIV testing become routine; Apes suffer mid-life crisis; beaches lose after Sandy; Anti Gay “christian” attorney busted on sex charges; Rikers Island to the rescue; serial killer arrested in NYC; Saudi electronic tracking of women; DHS wants more drones over U.S. skies; emails on Bin Laden show nothing; Toyota recall; 100 car pile up in Texas; and more stuff.






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2 Responses to "Meria With The News"

  1. Andy Buchan says:

    There’s no denying it; reality here on earth is COLD — Gurdjieff compared life here on earth to be the spiritual equivalent of Outer Siberia. Truly, few & far between are those Voices in the Media today to Speak Reality, and to do so with WARMTH. The most you get from systemic media = Propaganda. Most always those voices on the Internet are either Unreality (much of the religious stuff); or they are voices to speak reality, but with ANGER. In other words, to discover Reality Spoken of — in this Cold Reality — & Spoken of with Warmth — is somewhat unique. I’d like to Thank You, Meria, for being One Such Voice. In My Estimation You Are Very Rare indeed!!

  2. Meria says:

    Thank you Andy! As I say all the time, I’m in it, right along with everyone else! My humor keeps me sane, and hopefully the same for my listeners. Love to you.

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