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11/29/12 Meria With the News: More States move to legalize cannabis; Palestinians may win recognition as a state at UN; who won the powerball? cop gives homeless man shoes; George HW Bush hospitalized; Zig Ziglar dead; factory farming over in Australia; Susan Rice’s holdings in Canadian oil; bacon shaving cream; Private prison company drug sweeping Az schools; over 10,000 troops to stay in Afghanistan;Florida to pay for more nuke plants; All white male GOP in Congress; another “stand your ground” murder in Fla; most pork in US contaminated; Supermarket owner gives stores to employees; Romney lunches with Obama; Bangladesh factory fire murders; BP temporarily banned on govt deals; false evidence produced in State labs in Mass; lava flowing in Hawaii; No.Korea readying a missile launch? earthquake reports; Bernie Sanders on social security; Arafat exhumed; death threats against Obama; fiscal cliff? eliminate corporate welfare and wars for profit; Chris Christie’s approval rates soar; Native Americans win $3.4 billion; Republicans admit suppressing the vote; peanut butter plant shut down by FDA; mannequins spying on you; Ehud Barak quits; fired for no flu shot; Russian warns of big war in Middle East; youth crime rates drop with decriminalization; christian mag. says sex with demons create homosexuality; US protecting nuclear Israel – Tehran; Joe LIEberman retiring; Germany to ban sex with animals; and more “stuff”.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Government positions are just apprenticeships for our elected people to learn how to become billionaires – on our dimes.

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