Roaring Truth with Meria & Jim Fetzer


11/13/12 ROARING TRUTH with Meria & Jim Fetzer. The Petraeus and Gen Allen saga; Paula Broad-well¬† using Monica Lewinsky’s attorney; Israel post Obama election; Karl Rove accusing Dems of suppressing votes! Republicans picked the worse candidate; end of the republican party? Mitt’s 47% remark, Bain Capital, tax returns, war on women; What should Obama do now? MOSSAD and 9/11/01; IRS vs. religious leaders; tax exemptions for churches that told voters how to vote? This Nov 22, Jim speaks on JFK, the movie; the timing of Hurricane Sandy and who benefits; Romneys words on destroyed FEMA and bi-partisanship blown away by Sandy & Gov Christie; create the weather for disaster capitalists? the occult symbols of 9/11, does it predict a hit on Phoenix this December? The book: The Most Dangerous Book in the World by S.K. Bain (on the show next week), the movie “Operation Terror” and lots more stuff.





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8 Responses to "Roaring Truth with Meria & Jim Fetzer"

  1. john niems says:

    It was so great to hear Jim Fetzer again Meria! I have his great book Murder in Dealey Plaza! I highly recommend to all here to go get a copy! Love that music too in the middle and for those who don’t know that was my NiemStrumental entitled 401 KO which is track 2 from my NIEMS NINE – A MOUNTAIN OF MUSIC! Great show as always Meria!

  2. Meria says:

    Glad you enjoyed it John. That’s http://www.johnniems.com everyone.

  3. Deborah Alexander says:

    It might be time to write to our representatives in Washington to get the ball rolling about removing the tax exemption(s) from ALL “non-profits,” not just churches. We need more in taxes, right? This issue would give the elite a breather from worrying about THEM being the ones to be taxed fairly. They might just go for it!!

  4. Meria says:

    I agree, but then like some employers who refuse to cover their employees they will probably threaten to cut whatever charity they give…

  5. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    Once again a fabulous show with Jim Fetzer! He has so much information about events that Americans should be paying attention to. It must be frustrating to him to not be able to reach the “masses”! I can assure him that the information is getting out there, slowly but surely!
    It’s hystrica to me that Billy Graham actually said something like “Americans should vote for “Biblical Values” about Romney when Mormons only believe in The Book of Mormons.
    By the way Meria, I love it when you quote things that your Mother said…I do it too!

  6. Meria says:

    ha, thanks. Jim is everywhere and we do what we do, not for recognition, but because we must.

  7. maureen o'brien says:

    Great show again with Jim – I’ ve been Jonesing for this show since the ‘election’. You both hit on everything that was so ridiculous about what went on before and after ‘The Show’ , esp. the never mentioned ‘Mormon Thing’ and the ludicrous accusations by ‘Turdblossom’ Rove. Great all around show – except I’m going to have to invest in Depends because when you said Betrayus’ wife looked like Karl Rove in a wig…well…you know..lol.

  8. Meria says:

    ha, thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. My humor has no bounds.

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