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12/3/12 Meria With the News: the “Royal” couple having a “baby”; Clinton lobbying for Westinghouse in Prague; La. town evacuated; NJ town evacuated; sabotage at San Onofre (car 54 where are you?); many jobless don’t file for unemployment; Indiana financier gets 50 years; Givebacks in Texas cost taxpayers $19 bil a yr; fracking killing livestock; earthquake reports; sea levels rising fast; UN/US/Israel/Palestine; Kenya says NO to GMO’s; how to avoid GMO’s; $80 billion a yr for tax incentives for businesses, yet no jobs; more aid for Greece; fast food workers strike; fish drones; Nobel Prize winners vs Israel’s assault on Gaza; Bradley Manning case, tortured; Judge conflict of interest in Stratfor hacking; CIA sued for 1953 murder of Frank Olson; do we need missile defense on the East Coast? murder at Wyo. community college; Afghan girl 14 beheaded for refusing marriage; Vatican hails Palestinian vote at UN; lunch with Romney while Ann cries; BP malfunction in Calif; avoid E15 gas; Ford recall; Senate votes on indefinite detention; Hostess execs get gift from judge; S.S. building bombed in Az; Pedophiles in Boy Scouts protected; Russia says iron and blood isn’t democracy; another $100 mil for Israel defense, zip for us; US to amp up in Syria? drone crashes; 43 yr low in American net worth (except the rich); Egypt’s courts close down; tunnel collapse in Japan and more “stuff”.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    If we were spending taxpayer money on minding our own business (infrastructure and real job creation), we wouldn’t need to spend so much on “defense” (which is just code for “offense” anyway – in football parlance, the best defense is a good offense..another reason to hate football….just a thought).

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