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12/6/12 Meria With the News: Setting up Syria with the same old lies; US military in Syrian waters & Mali; Blackwater and Afghanistan; torture of Bradley Manning; East Germany sold it’s people as guinea pigs for Big Pharma; everyone in US under surveillance-whistleblower;NYC rigged red lights for $$; Chevy Volt recall; 97% of kids with mumps outbreak vaccinated; Apple to bring mfg. back to US; Hillary in 2016? Walmart said no to fire prevention in Bangladesh;tornado in New Zealand; hundreds dead from typhoon in Phiilppines;Dave Brubeck dead; Citigroup cutting 11,000 jobs; longshoremen go back to work; Bush out of the woodwork; majority of American support legalizing marijuana and gay marriage; Az border agent arrested for drug smuggling; world sperm count dropping; kids tantrums now a mental disorder; Az bomber not terrorist? earthquakes; carbon monoxide closes school in Atlanta; schools closed in Iran for high pollution; Merck laughed while jawbones died; cops want all your text messages; Iran captures US drone; world lines up against Netanyahu; UN asks for weapons inspection of Israel’s nuclear facilities; Israel punishes Palestinians for UN vote; more alphabet agencies expand; Lindsay Graham calls the kettle black; Corporate profits soar, wages drop; Romney back at Marriott; China to grow veggies on Moon; 1 out of 100 Americans in prison; prison labor replaces jobs; tap water and allergies; longer school days in US; Santorum writing for World Net Daily; schools in NJ closed for toxins; SEC busts Wells Fargo banker; burglar calls 9/11 to save him and more “stuff”.




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5 Responses to "Meria With The News"

  1. Andi S says:

    You can’t even get a record of your own phone calls (incoming) w/o an attorney. I needed to prove that a party called me at a certain time and the phone co. wouldn’t release it to me w/o a court order.

  2. Meria says:

    yet the cops get anything they want!

  3. Andi S says:

    Facebook censors are Moroccan and low paid


  4. Deborah Alexander says:

    You called it right at the beginning of this show when you warned us to get our barf-bags ready. I was thinking about making some dinner, but then sat down to listen to the show first. Now, I literally canNOT eat anything. Maybe you could start advertising your show as a new form of diet plan. Listening to an hour of a Meria news show will make you physically unable to eat for several hours. PLUS I feel like I’ve got to go walk off this anger at how the world is turning. Maybe I will turn into an air fern?

  5. Meria says:

    ha! A new diet plan, the news! lol

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