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12/20/12 Meria With the News: Fear intensifies country-wide, fear 24/7, another program; problem-reaction-solution; guns no good, drones/bombs/nuke plants okay; schools across the nation panic, amp up police presence; cyclone in Fiji; snow storms in MidWest; Will Obama cut social security? USDA cuts inspections on poultry industry; who are the happiest people on the planet? (it’s not America); Obama and gun control; Rick Perry on guns; Virginia to train and arm teachers; UBS fined $1.5 Billion on LIBOR; raped by Texas Troopers; Obama gets Time’s “person of the year”; Berlusconi to marry 27 yr old; Benghazi fallout, Hillary back after resignations; Ban on indefinite detention for Americans reversed; should you be prosecuted for posting on social media? 10 girls dead in Afghanistan, no coverage; Israeli soldiers punch and abuse Reuters cameramen; LIBOR rigging in Japan; more lies about 9/11; American YOUTH on the streets; Basra birth defects, US ammo (no coverage); the mentally ill; Brazilian beef and BSE; fiscal cliff theater continues; 4th amendment dies in Arkansas; Sen. Inouye dies at 88; NASA’s deliberate twin crashes into the Moon; Santa robs a bank; rush on guns and armored backpacks; Americans can’t adopt in Russia; and more “stuff”. Meria will be back live 12/31/12 with year end-roundup. Happy holidays, enjoy the archives while Meria takes some needed R&R.



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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Clearly, I have been listening to your show for “too long,” because every time I hear a sensational news story being reported on TV or the radio, my brain immediately goes into a loop of trying to figure out who benefits. This news show of yours definitely echoed many of the conclusions I had reached concerning certain recent “stories.”

  2. Meria says:

    well, you have been listening a long time! And that’s a good thing!

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