Straight Money Talk with Meria and Joseph Meyer

12/18/12 Straight Money Talk with Meria & Joseph Meyer. Don’t believe the fantasies spouted on tv news, learn the reality of the economy and what we can do to fix it. Can our children achieve the same economic success we did? HSBC- fines,no time; America’s most unionized State – Michigan – now a right to work state, what does that mean? what happened to unions? globalization the killer of jobs; wages have been flat since 1965; minimum wage vs. the cost of living; subsidizing low wages with credit; learn a trade; the job mentality; entrepreneurship the key to our recovery; who is responsible for job creation? do you have a fear of failure or fear of success? take a chance on yourself – how to begin; failure is merely a process to take us one step closer to success; national debt out of control; unchartered economic waters; this recession in it’s fifth year; where are we going in 2013? the economy and violence; got talent? “run your own race in life”; the four major decisions for your life according to Joseph; what is household de-leveraging? the dead cat bounce; China; the Fed; the Santa Claus Rally; and much more.




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2 Responses to "Straight Money Talk with Meria and Joseph Meyer"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    It is so worth the effort to unplug from corporate America. And if you can’t totally unplug, try forming your own corporation and then keep working for the same company on a “consulting” basis. That way, you can choose to work only the days/hours YOU want to, take the days off YOU want to, keep more of the money you make for YOURSELF, and live higher on the hog, so to speak. That is how the rich get richer – by taking advantage of the tax benefits of having your own corporation(s).

  2. Meria says:

    good stuff

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