Meria Delivers The News

1/10/13 Meria Delivers The News: $1 billion a year for mammograms; Seau’s brain condition; no pics of dead BinLaden released;Cuomo wants marijuana decriminalized after Court ends the racist “stop n Frisk”; Gun owners want education, not fewer guns; free gun classes for teachers pack em in; White House claims 1st amendment rights for Piers Morgan; who goes and stays in Obama’s admin; another shooting not reported; Anti-gay hateful preacher picked to do inauguration “benediction”; Australia on fire; nuke plant fire in Australia; KKK enrollment to triple in Va; Facebook a friend of prosecution; Stanley McChrystal speaks out against drones; Judge in San Francisco lets pot shop stay open; billions of Earth size planets in Milky Way; earthquake reports; testing for radiation over D.C.; Hagel and Brennan; drone strikes in Pakistan;can your corporate person”hood” ride in the car pool lane with you? Spitzer quits Current TV; sewage in Kalamazoo; Bradley Manning’s case continues; Winter hits Syria; Palestinians suffer from winter rains and walls; reindeer kill on the way; Pastor Hagee hates same sex marriage; and more “stuff”.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Time to get out those “Where’s the proof? Who benefits?” tee shirts!

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