Meria Delivers The News

1/21/13 Meria Delivers The News: What MLK was about; the Coronation of King Obama; Rapper thrown out of inaugural party;Russia enacting anti-gay laws; Obama speaks to gays; Another Mass. crime lab busted for tampering with evidence; floods in Jakarta leave 18,000 homeless; snow in Europe; Danny Glover on the 2nd Amendment and slavery; flu and no paid sick time; hundreds attend memorial for Aaron Swartz; UN report: Afghan detainees tortured and secret sites; shooting in Albuquerque;many lawmakers over-ruling any change to gun laws; Corporations paying for inaugural; NYC bus drivers strike;Amgen gets big gift in “fiscal cliff”; CIA obstructed 9/11 Intelligence; Fla. bans drones; flu shots can kill you; Algerian hostage fiasco ends in bloodshed; 5 yr old suspended for bubble gun; Didn’t believe in guns until he was assaulted and saved by men with guns; Miss. schools worse than prisons; Wisconsin’s governor loses; NY Journal loses; Rand Paul on arming teachers; term limits for Congress; X-ray scanners to be gone; top cities for bedbugs; Ray Nagin charged with corruption; Corp.profits up 171% under Obama; is silence evidence of guilt? Mali and the French; more tasers for London; new Fermi plant; Obama wants more armed guards in schools; Vaccine Court awards millions to 2 kids with autism; why the focus on illicit drugs and not alcohol? Meth ring, cross dressing Priest busted; Fukushima trash hits Hawaii; Dear Abby left the planet and more “stuff”.



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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I attended public schools. I sent all my kids to public schools. If I were raising kids in today’s world, I would be joining with other parents and homeschooling – NO QUESTION!!

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