Meria Delivers The News

1/28/13 Meria Delivers The News: Jon Benet Ramsey back in the news (money talked); Egypt curfew-no posse comitatus; Ice storm hits US; Stuxnet; drill over Miami; TSA surprise at Amtrak station; Israel breaks it own laws; Israel’s forced contraceptives on Ethiopian women; oil leak in Vicksburg, Miss; Az to force loyalty oath in schools; Behold A Pale Horse comes true; man wins in court over TSA; Boehner wants to end abortion rights; obesity pandemic worldwide; terrorism charge;plastic devastates marine life; Hackers vs govt sites; UK uranium plant shut down; French troops defend corporations;Wis. sheriff “no 9-1-1 learn to shoot a gun”; Kiriakou gets 30 months; Germany to use armed drones; jail for rape victims; antibiotic resistance rises;will smoking be illegal in Oregon? chemicals in US food/drinks; Feinstein’s gun ban; Catholic bans in Germany; J & J’s faulty hip implants; US health worse than most everyone;China levies US & EU chemicals and more “stuff”.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Another head-snapping, WTF-inducing, roller coaster ride!

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