Meria Delivers The News

1/31/13 Meria Delivers the  News: Another “aspergers” shooting; GM recall; shooting in Az; Is Virginia for lovers? Facebook stocks slump; Mississippi leads in abortion un-availability; Jim Nabors marries; So.Korea launches rocket; big earthquakes; NYPD vs 7 yr old; Sheriffs refuse to enforce gun bans; antidepressants and heart risk; economy shrinks; more vaccines for adults? Israel attacks Syrian/Lebanese border;twisters in US; debtors prison returns; Brits & UN off to Mali; John Kerry anointed; NORAD and the Super Bowl; BP’s $4Billion penalty; big bonuses for bailed out bankers; US wealth inequality worse than Latin America; Superstorm Sandy aid bill passes who voted against it; Forcing the Bible into our schools; Arkansas and abortions past 6 weeks; militaries prepare for No.Korea threat; Norovirus; Salmonella beef in 5 States; drones on border of Southwest; Sharon’s brain activity; Cops beat man after tasered; Boy Scouts may end gay ban; Egypt on the brink; Floods in Australia; paying needless fees on unemployment checks; retailers can charge you 4% more to use charge cards; doctors kill more than guns; China’s hackers hit NY Times; styrofoam hits Alaska; Students use sugar daddies to pay tuition; Hagel on the carpet; Patty Andrews dead; Sandusky loses bid for new trial; pot consultant needed in Washington State and more “stuff”.




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2 Responses to "Meria Delivers The News"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    First, you serve up the news and give us a stomach-ache (agita, as you Italians say) and then, you give us the antidote (the Pepto-Bismol, if you will) with your humorous comments.

  2. Meria says:

    without humor we’d all go nutzo

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