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1/7/13 Meria Delivers the News: Radioactive fallout poured into rivers in Fukushima; Anonymous hacks into FBI.gov; Supremes kill ruling on spying on Americans without a warrant; Supremes vote against help for Veterans; FBI infiltration of Occupy on behalf of banks; Chuck Hagel nomination; radiation concerns in Indiana; 80% of households will pay more taxes; Greeks start bartering; Israel building another fence; Rand Paul’s son arrested; white supremacist arrested in Alabama for planning to bomb a school; James Holmes trial begins; 10 banks face huge foreclosure settlements; lst openly gay senator; 11,000 teachers laid off in December; mental health care cuts across US (including for Veterans); Amendment to extend term limit for Pres; Health insurers raising rates in double digits; Athiests in Congress rise; Mexico considers legalizing marijuana; JP Morgan lawsuits continue; WH wants more gun control; Gore/AlJazeera/Israel; Prison for ex-CIA agent; 7.7 in Alaska; Obama signs bill maintaining Gitmo & indefinite detention; 1 out of 6 public schools closing in Phila; Ohio football rapists worried about fair trial; Air Force recruiter charged with rape; Philippines – less guns than US, more shootings; House approves funding for Sandy to Natl.Flood Ins; burning violent video games; UK uses body orifice scanners; US & New Zealands secret tsunami weapons testing; Dept of Defense drug spending; Chavez respiratory infection; arrests in global child porn; mumps and vaccines; banning Presley in Utah; cut corporate welfare; Amsterdams “scum villages” and San Francisco’s; military suicides; homeless increase in UK; no pension payments in San Bernardino; Corporate donors to Obama’s inauguration and more “stuff”




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2 Responses to "Meria Delivers The News"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I’m wondering if the vets who are committing suicide may believe they are doing the rest of us a favor. I think they are so drugged up by their forced innoculations and soul-raped by all the things they have been ordered to do by their “superiors” in the various war zones that they are suffering from homicidal thoughts that might just be reaching uncontrollable levels for them.

  2. Meria says:

    sooner or later the war comes home…

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