Meria With Brita Belli, Editor EMagazine – Nanos in Your Food

1/9/13 Meria interviews Brita Belli, Editor of E Magazine on Nanoparticles in Our Food. What are nanos? how small are they? Why in our food? Packaging? Clothing? Housewares? Are GE foods and nanos the same thing? Although they’ve been in our food a decade, testing is barely started; Where’s the FDA on nano-silver,copper,titanium dioxide? no labeling, no tracking; voluntary labeling by manufacturers only; potential health benefits; what about cumulative effects? White food; chickens and nanos; anti-microbial clothing; wastewater treatment bypassed; nano-tubes; eliminate packaged and canned foods; soda bottles; agriculture and nanos; McDonald’s said NO to nanos; the Safe Chemicals Act; how to stay healthy.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I wonder if the “epidemic” of cervical and ovarian cancer is due to nano particles in the tampons.

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