Meria With Markus Heinze -VACCeptable Injuries?

1/1/13 Happy New Year! Meria interviews a Dad and author Markus Heinze on his book “Increasing Childhood Diseases and Developmental Disorders-VACCeptable Injuries?” a book every parent needs. Markus wrestled with the idea of vaccinations for his children and then his daughter developed Diabetes 1 from a vaccine. His journey led to the information discussed today. Allergic reactions to vaccines; autoimmune diseases and vaccines; MS, Asthma,Cancer,Autism,ADD,ADHD, allergies; why so many more vaccines today than yesteryear? Who benefits? Where are the studies on safety and effectiveness (there aren’t any); vaccine roulette; Big Pharma immune to lawsuits; the HPV shot, where’s the proof it works? Dr. Hilleman on vaccines; polio/cancer/AIDS/vaccines; digestion vs. injection; can the effects be reversed?





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8 Responses to "Meria With Markus Heinze -VACCeptable Injuries?"

  1. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    Well Meria, THAT was unexpected! Thank you, but you earn/deserve every bit of support you receive. This excellent and informative show is just one more example of that…

  2. Meria says:

    Thank you! I hope you were pleasantly surprised! hugs

  3. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    “pleasantly surprised” is an understatement! hugs back…

  4. Meria says:

    good! You know other shows/sites do monthly fundraisers and some of the figures I see them raise are astounding! I do this on my own, and hate asking people for money. When someone is as generous as you have been plus has a subscription, I need to acknowledge that. People may think I’m rolling in dough, but I’m not. So far I haven’t had to go after sponsors for $$ thus providing commercial free talk.

  5. pranicmegan says:

    You deserve ALL the financial support we, your listeners, can manage !! :D I for one make small donations as often as I can, because the thought of you not being on air for me to listen to just makes me cringe. I can’t imagine my life without your information, and your voice, and your sense of humour.

    I think all of us, your worldwide family, need to support you with dollars as often, and as much, as we can. And I also want to thank Patricia for her support for you. I can’t keep you going on my own, so her contribution actually benefits MY LIFE because it is helping you to stay on air. So THANK YOU to Patricia, and to everyone who donates money to Meria !!!!

    We all need to work together!

  6. Meria says:

    Yes and thank you too Megan. Don’t think I don’t notice how much extra you contribute regularly. Unlike the phonies out there with their “money bombs”, gold sponsors, I do it all myself with the help of great listeners like you! I love you all!

  7. Deborah Alexander says:

    Very interesting addition to all the shows you have done previously on this topic. It must be an absolute dream for guests to come on your show. They get a whole hour to share their information without constantly being interrupted and losing their train of thought by commercial breaks every two minutes (literally). AND they are being interviewed by someone who has personally read their book or seen their movie or visited their website. rather than having a “handler” or “researcher” do all the prep work and just hand them a card with summary points. (Yeah, like you even HAVE a “handler” or a “researcher.”

  8. Meria says:

    thank goodness I always loved books and reading, and that my eyes & brain can keep it all in my head! I get loads of compliments from people I’ve interviewed who appreciate the work I put into it. Even pretty thank you cards in the mail. Glad you appreciate it too!

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