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1/3/13 Meria With the News: The “fiscal cliff” theater, get ready to pay more taxes; corporate handouts in the bill; Scientologists “Alien Cathedral” found; Egyptian adviser says Israel won’t exist in 10 yrs; Boehner pressured into voting on Hurricane Sandy relief; Boehner tells Reid to go F himself; how the world sees our country; 8 nurses fired for refusing flu shot; hackers take on killer cop; minimum minimum wage hike in 10 States (not a typo); Execs at Goldman Sachs get millions in shares; Swine flu in Palestine; Clinton’s “clot”; Benghazi blamed on peons; new weird State laws; Gun groups want boycott of NY paper; Journal News hires armed guards; 11 days in jail for cursing; anti-gun Senator Soles shoots intruder; govt surveillance extended 5 yrs; Utah teachers get free gun training; 26,531 veterans homeless; MRSA in UK milk supply; foreign investors pushed fiscal cliff deal; NY Times loses in Court on drone details; US-Canada sign Tri-Command Framework for Arctic Cooperation; Al-Jazeera buys Al Gore’s network; 20 female Senators sworn in; Subaru recall; Senator visited by angels and more “stuff”.




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  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    Interesting that you, too, have the thought that Obama’s life could be in serious danger. As soon as it was announced that he had won the election, I just shook my head and thought that this was certainly going to bring out some crazies….or yet another Manchurian Candidate in 2013. Ugh.

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