Send In the Clowns with Meria and Dave McGowan


1/16/13 Send In the Clowns with Meria and Dave McGowan. More irregularities on the Sandy Hook shootings; Fast N Furious? Presidents Secret Service for life; Back to Laurel Canyon. Punk Rock and New Wave and Laurel Canyon; who were the three Copeland Brothers? One owned the IRS record company, another the FBI booking agency; another a drummer for the Police – interesting names; bands of the day mostly handled one way or the other by the Copeland brothers; sons of intelligence operatives; the OSS & CIA; from exposure to covert ops to music; Amy Winehouse & Natalie Wood’s deaths revisited; Music used as a control mechanism; talent or collusion? Steppenwolf – son of a Nazi; first to mention heavy metal; John Kay – leader of the band, son of a Nazi, military background; story of a werewolf? occult overtures; Vito and the freaks; quick success story; Is Jim Morrison dead? the film “Eddie and the Cruisers”.




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2 Responses to "Send In the Clowns with Meria and Dave McGowan"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I was reminded of “Children of the Corn” when you mentioned the children at Sandy Hook supposedly sitting in a semi-circle on that guy’s driveway.

  2. Meria says:

    crazy story

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