Straight Money Talk With Meria And Joseph Meyer

1/15/13 Straight Money Talk with Meria & Joseph Meyer, Founder & CEO of Straight Money Analysis. Eleven States have more people on welfare than employed; Re-inventing yourself; jump starting a new career – how; we are in unchartered waters economically;defining your strengths and weaknesses; positive attitude is key; work ethic; are you truly task focused? take a chance on yourself; run your own race; stress and the economy; 9 things to do to create your own economy; time is money; live your dream; the 4 major life decisions, choose wisely; has the housing market bottomed out? renting vs. owning; will taxes go up? the payroll tax; the debt ceiling; $16 trillion long term debt, where to cut; corporate America needs to pay it’s fair share; 401k’s and IRA’s; what States have wages gone down in 2012? where jobs are being created; and more.




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2 Responses to "Straight Money Talk With Meria And Joseph Meyer"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    I really miss Bob Chapman’s ‘straight talk.” What a blessing you found another straight-talker! He delivers dire news, but sugar-coating the facts or flat-out lying is never helpful – to “we, the people.” I look forward to the next show with Joseph Meyer.

  2. Meria says:

    I miss Bob too, glad to have Joseph with us now.

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